Growth Hormone Therapy

Although a diagnosis of Prader-Willi syndrome for your child is overwhelming and confusing, there is something you can do straight away and that is to talk to your doctor about Growth Hormone Therapy (GHT).  This treatment is recommended (download consensus statement) after years of research, trials and tests done to make this a safe therapy for PWS.


The immediate benefit is that it will strengthen muscle tone.  It will also take away the typical features of PWS so that your child will take on his or her familial features.  With stronger muscle tone, milestones will be reached quicker and more easily and with good muscle tone the child can keep up with his or her peers, work off calories more easily and benefit from a feeling of wellness and well-being. 

Although some countries may not yet have GHT available, the cost of this treatment in many countries can make it attainable privately.  Please talk to your doctor first.




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